Wichita Mountains Camping/Climbing
November 10-11, 2007 

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We joined friends Jason, Eric, Luc, Cassy, and Jess on another great campout/climbing trip in the Wichita Mts Wildlife Refuge on November 10-11.  It was beautiful weather and a great time was had by all. 
 How many black belts does it take to get a 
 wussy camping mattress into a tent?
The sights from the top of Mt. Scott
 Jason & Eric contemplate the scenery while we wait
 for my Eric.
 This shows you how very pretty it was there.  This despite the 
 fact that I fell twice during the hike in - once in front of an audience! 
 Eric, looking down at me from the spot where
 the guys climbed.
Eric and Eric looking down from an even higher spot 
where the belaying was done.
Eric & Jason topping out on our hike back to the car.  A rare shot of Eric looking well and truly happy.

The beautiful sunset as seen from the top of Mt. Scott 

 Eric, striking a pose Eric, striking a pose  (these are two different Erics!)
 Around the campfire that night... telling tall tales and admiring Jess.
 The next morning, Eric starts us a morning fire. The view on my walk to the facilities. 
 Jess, she never tires of playing fetch.
At last!  I've found someone who is less of a morning
person than I am - it's Cassy!
She looks as though she is in trouble
but nothing could be further from the truth.

She is, "The best climbing dog ever." 
(I have this from a reliable source!)


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