Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
September 1 - 3, 2007

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We spent the Labor Day weekend in grand style.  We camped with friends Luc, Cassy, Jess, Helen, and Steve on base just outside Medicine Lodge, OK.  We had perfect weather, perfect company, and a perfectly wonderful time.
 We got a super-prime spot away from the crowds and near the water.  Our view of Mt. Scott and Lake Elmer Thomas.
 Luc & Cassy set up camp, with supervision from Jess, of course.
As soon as Cassy turned her back, Eric was parading
around in her cool-daddy shades.

 I only had to push two kids off the swings to get my turn.  Score!

 Sniper shot of Cassy, Helen, and Steve.


 Luc is a great photographer.
 Here he sets up for some sunset
 pictures, but Jess assumes he
 wants to take a picture of her.



Here's my best picture of the evening, taken just as I was heading out in my kayak.

 I ditched my friends and went for
 a sunset paddle.  It was beautiful.
 I took this for my geo-head husband.


Luc & Cassy playing with Jess on the slide in the dark.



 The next morning, Jess made a friend.

Have you ever seen pure joy expressed any more clearly?


Here she goes on her first ride in 
the back of a truck.  You can tell  
she knows she belongs in the front!  

 I went out for another round in my kayak that morning.  In some areas the
 water was so still I could hardly believe it.
 I saw this small herd of buffalo from my boat.  
 One of them was bellowing like crazy!
 Next I went for a bike ride and got this picture
 of geese in the front, Mt. Scott in the back.

 The gang climbed all day that day and the next.
 I headed home to do "home things."  We all had
 a really great time. 


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