Wichita Mountains Outing
April 2018

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One day we realized that Eric hadn't taken any vacation in four months so we decided to remedy that.  One sunny Thursday, he took a day off and we took a family trip to the Wichita Mountains.  I think Buddy enjoyed it the most, but we had fun too.  

Eric having to take some work calls on the drive, but Buddy is being a good co-pilot.

  Woo-hoo!  Buddy is off the leash! 

Cautiously exploring an elk carcass.

Following Dad into the great wilderness  

Looking out across The Wichitas, as we affectionately call them.

  Eric explores an area where he'd like to do some bouldering.
After some misbehavior, Buddy is back on the leash. Cute face.
Selfie time!   Isn't this a silly-looking picture of him?  The smile and those feet, it's too much.  
Adventure dog.  

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