International Student Campout
October 2015

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The BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) hosted a huge campout for International Students which we were happy to attend. It ended up with about 40 people in attendance, we totally took over that section of the campground!  The kids had a great adventure learning to camp, cooking their dinner over the fire, and going on a hike.
 Pastor Nance's dog Bear was a big hit, especially when water fetching Lin, enjoying his experience
The students cooking their hot dog dinner over the fire  Cheng made up his own way of eating hot dogs - open-faced!  



 The sunset was beautiful that evening

 Cooking marshmallows for S'mores There's a S'more now!
 Early the next morning, the fire was a popular spot Eric getting it roaring to knock the chill out of us
Eric and I cranked out breakfast for 20, mostly Eric did it but I cracked eggs   Morning smiles
 Eric is being watched very closely as the bacon nears completion After breakfast, Eric gave some lessons in throwing 
and catching a football
 Next we were blessed to have a baptism of two people - woo hoo!   

 The whole group - less Eric who took the picture

 Here we go on our hike Long Tian (Luke) was a crazy man
Part of our happy group  Views
 We made it to the top!  Yep, it's the end of the trail for us
 This dog had the right idea!  It was a fairly hot day but he didn't care.  

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