Wichita Mountains - Camping & Hiking
April 3-4, 2015

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We joined up with quite a few of our international friends for a fun trip to the Wichita Mountains over Easter weekend this year.  We camped on Friday night and hiked on Saturday.  A good time was had by all, and we all made it home uninjured - the best kind of trip!   

Part of the gang as we prepare to start the drive to the park.  We are ready to go! 

   Eric was waiting on us with a sweet campsite picked out
 and the coals already heated for our dinner - perfect! 
 Since it was Good Friday, we spent some time talking about the sacrifice
 Jesus has made for us all, and what it means to us.  
 It was a very COLD night so we were up early.  Here XiaoXing and Edison
 team up to help with cooking breakfast.
 Eric was the also on the breakfast-cooking team.  It was taking too long to 
 cook the bacon on the little stove, so he opted for a quicker method.  
 Edison is so good at getting these group pictures that you love to see later.
This is a joke picture - couples always get their picture taken
at the heart rock, so Eric & David thought this would be funny - it is!
David and Rayleigh
 Edison, Hema, and XiaoXing


Away we go on our hike!

By the way, all the good pictures on this page were taken by Edison or Rachel!  

   David holding up the rock for Eric
 A better angle to see Edison taking his turn holding up the rock Happy hikers
 Eric was often waaayyyy out front - we were easily distracted Safaa taking advantage of a nice photo opportunity at a natural arch
 Edison's creative camera work Time for a doggie water stop, Hema needs a drink!
 Near the top it gets steep   The same view, but zoomed out so you can just barely see them on the left 
Neat angle of the climb to the top 
 Eric loves to be at the very top of any rock  

Making the crossing between boulders


 Everyone made it to the top alive, celebrate!  (And rest.)    Group selfie from the top
 That red speck in the middle of the picture is me Time to head down to lower elevations
 A lizard Eric saw on the hike out Silly friends!
 Hema wants to give Rachel a little kiss Taking a detour on the way back for Eric, David, and Edison to see the cave
 Pretty XiaoXing, Hema sure loves his momma  Good friends - Rachel(YingYing) and XiaoXing

 The boys enjoying the sun from their cave perch           

Boy, we had some excitement on the hike out! We scared this rattlesnake, 
but not as bad as he scared us!  He rushed for the shelter of this rock while
we ran in every direction.  Thanks to Edison for getting this picture of it. 
Eric, enjoying a post-hike sandwich at the truck.



Safaa on top of Mount Scott
I always have to stop at the Prairie Dog village when I go to the park, they're cute!  
 Edison and XiaoXing on Mount Scott It was a great trip, Happy Easter!  He is risen! 

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