Camping in the Wichitas
April 25, 2014

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We decided to go camping one Friday night in late April, and sent out a general invite to all our friends. We had a pretty good crowd come out to join  - including three first-time campers.  We had wind of 25 miles per hour, with gusts of up to 30 miles per hour.  It was challenging, but we loved everyone's attitude.  Simba summed it up with his comment, "I love the wind."  (Spoken right after ANOTHER chair blew into the fire as soon as someone stood up from using it.)  It was an adventure! 
We arrived on a Friday night after work.  Here they set up the tents.

 We had a pair of first-class chefs working the grills.  Simba made Lamb Kebabs for everyone and Edison made some marinated Chicken.  It was all good!!

XiaoXing was sick but she came anyway, what a trooper!  It's always nice to watch a camp fire

Notice how the flames are going sideways?  It was just a little breezy.

David, doing some heroics to try to keep their tent in the ground. I put this heavy ice chest on it to help hold it down while they worked on it.
Simba is helpful too - well, sort of.  He's showing off his tent pole fighting skills.  The tales are always taller around a camp fire!
We determined that Rui & David's tent would not survive the evening, so
we took it down.  Eric rigged them up a "tent" by stretching a tarp tight
over the bed of Simba's truck.  

That worked fine for about an hour, until Simba got a phone call which 
told him he had to go back to OKC right then - at midnight.  So Eric &
the guys put up our tent.  

The guys had 3 different shelters in one short night of camping!  

The boys experienced their first S'More, thanks to Lauran  
Early the next morning, time for a little football before breakfast Rui and David by their third and final shelter 
 Eric is an awesome breakfast camp chef He had to rig up this fancy wind break to keep the flames from blowing away
Rui has been watching the old classic westerns, so he was glad
to drink coffee from a metal cup
Group pic!  No one knows what David is doing here.
  What a great group of people - all with great attitudes!

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