Wichita Mtns
October 25, 2008

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After spending the morning in Tulsa with Mom & Dorinda, I spent the afternoon and evening with some other friends in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  We had planned to camp, but ended up leaving around 10pm.  We had a great night, complete with deep thoughts around the campfire.  It was a nice trip.
First I met Catherine & Natalie for a "hike" around the lake.   
Natalie's dad used to be Eric's climbing partner.
I guess it's in her genes.
 Here Luc teaches Natalie how to start a fire, just like they
 taught him in the Girl Scouts.  (Jokes!)
A happy Catherine
 Happy Cassie & Luc with a brooding Steve Here's Steve, showing Jess the affection she deserves.

 Later a couple of deer came up 
 practically into our camp site.

 Even later Helen arrived with 
 marshmallows.  A good time 
 was had by all.


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