Dallas Whiterock Marathon
December 15, 2002

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We went with Mom and some of her friends when they ran the Dallas Whiterock Marathon.  Desirae and I were supposed to be the "Pit Crew", but we weren't that great at it.  We were glad to be there nonetheless. 

Mom did fantastic - 4th in her age group in a race of over 8,000 people!  At 4:02:26, she also qualified for Boston.  Guess where she'll be on April 21?!

Me and Desirae with Mom's running buddy Jon

Kitty Collins, Janet Taylor, and Mom  

Here we are at dinner

Here's Mom looking mischievous
Here's Tammy, Mom, Mary, and Kitty on the morning of the race
  And they're off!  That's Mom toward the left of the shot.
And here comes Jon Here's a picture of the old courthouse in downtown Dallas.
We passed it on our epic search for breakfast.
Here we are, still looking for breakfast This is about all we saw of Mom at the half-way point!



Here's Jon, doing good at the half-way point.

We thought this long line of bikes was really cool... until Desirae got caught on one side of it when we were in a hurry!
Here's Tammy coming up to the finish Here we are, doing what we did so much of -
watching for Mom and her gang to come in.

Here's Mom coming up to the finish.  Looks like she's just been out for a quick jog, doesn't it?!


Here she is accepting her 4th place medal.

Way to go Mom!!


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