Warriors and Westville
May 18 - 19, 2013

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My sister decided to join a group of our friends to do the Oklahoma Warrior Dash this year.  Some of them were second-timers, so they knew what they were getting into!  It was a wonderful day to be outside with friends, and for having such a neat event to watch and photograph.  Everyone did really great! 

The rest of the weekend was spent on Morton Lane being entertained by Brodie. We managed to get in one game of Scrabble with Gran too - it was a full weekend. 

 Getting taped up - a lesson learned from last year, your shoes may 
 come off in the mud if they aren't taped on. 
Dorinda and Saralyn, beautiful girls - ready to get this thing going! 

Desirae, Nancy, and James Wolf - all not entirely sure they should have agreed to this...


The whole team 


 Some of the funny signs they had around the race

The awesome shirts that Dorinda and James Webster designed - front & back



Desirae - showing me that she is doing
her best to "Live Like Luc", in honor 
of our awesome friend Luc Gruenther.

 And they're off! Channing & Chase - The first two finishers approach the final 
obstacle - the mud pit.
 Saralyn had just had back surgery - you sure couldn't tell it!
 Here she reacts to her first sight of the mud pit, it was lovely.
I don't know if she was excited to see her brother or the finish line! 
James Webster & Dorinda - they are always having fun. Finishing with style after their slog through the mud pit.
Desirae, just after the fire obstacle. Nancy was not a fan of jumping over fire.
 Desirae describing the cool move she did while jumping over the fire
 (there were cameras set up there!)  
  The girls, finishing strong

James, Nancy, and Desirae enjoying the mud. Yes, that is barbed wire.


The reward after all that work - getting cleaned off in the pond! 
Great job warriors!!


Can you believe this neat "stars in your eyes" effect
that came out with this shot?  If only I'd meant to do that...
  Luc would be proud of my little sister! 
This had the look of a Warrior Wedding - I wouldn't have 
thought of that one. 


Just to show that being a spectator isn't all fun & games either.
This is my 'scar' from when I dropped my turkey leg.
I also got a sunburn that took 5 days to stop hurting!  
Watching races is hard.  

Here's mud in your ear.
  My friend and co-worker Larry was back for his third dash.
That shirt was originally white. 
You can donate your shoes after the race - what a mountain
they collected!  
Our gang with some random people hamming it up behind them.

I seem pretty happy to be with my peeps here,
my best sister and my best friend since 4th grade.

  Arriving home to find a trail wagon ride in progress (surprise, surprise).
This is easily Brodie's favorite thing to do! 
They stopped to visit with us.  Brodie is trying to figure out how
to make the thing go again.
BG and BKB - two peas in a pod
 Cutie face has forgotten me, I have to visit him more often!  Dad with Desirae, who is telling of all the Warrior Dash adventures 

What's going on back there?
  Ball!  One of Brodie's favorite words.  (Every toy is a ball right now.)  
He looks like he's thinking, "I've got my eye on you buster!" I think Long tried to steal a kiss! 
Brodie made up a game where he would throw
the ball through the fence, and Grandpa would
have to go fetch it.  One of them liked the game.
Something went wrong in the execution
that time.

Do you wanna ride in my Mercedes?  Too bad! Only Brodie
gets to ride in this hot rod.  
  Here he tries to show Grandpa how to make it go.  He twisted
his hand near the keys to show him how it was done. 
 At last!  He got them to make it go again. He runs with his arms up like this - it looks kinda like I run.
 Sunday after church we headed out for Mexican food, then 
 back to our own houses.  That hat is so cute.
There were tornadoes that night, bad ones in Edmond, Shawnee, and Newcastle.
Here are some clouds near Chandler, OK that look like they wanted to produce
a twister.  I never heard if it did or not. 
I took this shot as my phone was screeching at me with the alert, "Tornado Warning in your immediate area!  Take cover immediately!"  I decided to drive away from it instead.    
Sadly, many people were not so lucky that night.  Then the next day was another tornado day that will live in Oklahoma infamy.  We now have May 20th to add to our list of sad days in Oklahoma history.  

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