Westville for Christmas
December 2018

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We had a short but sweet time with family in Westville for my birthday and Christmas this year.  
 Me, opening birthday presents on Christmas Eve with some help from Buddy  My gifts were all inspected carefully by my guard dog.

Merry Christmas! 

 Mom's pretty table decoration.  
 Yes, this is my last year to say, "I'm in my 40's!"   This is just some of the mountain of gifts that were opened this year

 Brodie is fanning himself with an electric fan, he's worn out from just thinking about 
 opening all of his presents.  Not really, he was ready to go!  


Here he gets a cool helmet to wear when he rides is 4-wheeler.  (Or 4-layler as he calls it.) 


Buddy got a gift!  He loves this toy.  

 My sister used her amazing t-shirt making powers to craft this fun shirt for Eric Mom with a sparkly jacket I found for her.  We both love sparkle! 


On Christmas Day the Bloomers were away so we 
decided to take an outing with Mom & Dad.  We went
to Lake Tenkiller to look at the tornado damage they'd
recently sustained there.  These pictures were taken
at the Elk Creek campground area. 
This campsite is available! (If you can get to it.)   It is hard to tell where you can't park!  They say the park might be closed all year 
while they clean up the damage.  That would be sad, we like this place! 

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