Westville for Thanksgiving
November 2018

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We were so busy enjoying our Thanksgiving time together, that I didn't take any pictures except for one outing.  For an after-stuffing-yourself exercise break, we went over to Lake Lincoln for a walk and to watch Eric do some rock climbing.  I took pictures during that fun adventure.  
Lake Lincoln, Arkansas  The Bloomer Crew, all smiles

Keith used to rock climb back in the day.  Here he shows that he still has it.

 Climber boy and climber dog, ready for action.  


You might feel the number of Buddy pictures on this page is excessive, but he was being 
very photogenic that day.  Also, Brodie doesn't hold still so I can't get good shots of him! 


What Brodie did enjoy was jumping off of ledges onto the crash pad.  He's a wild one. 

Eric leading the way for Brodie to learn climbing.  
He wasn't very interested yet, but you never know! 

Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this is a cute face?!

  The Bloomer family exploring a cave together.  Brodie loved this.
They explored it at least 3 times over! 


Humor me with a couple more shots! 

 The man and his dog The three amigos, blazing the trail as we headed back to the cars. 
 OK, I think we walked enough that we can go back and eat again now!   

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