Westville Family Visit
November 2018

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Desirae has an amazing Halloween party each year, but this year it had to be delayed until early November.  I came in to spend Saturday with Brodie and my parents while she prepared for the party, then Sunday was the big party day.  Mom & I took Brodie to Farmland Adventures for some farmland adventuring on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun. 

Here we are, heading into the corn maze.

  Found some corn!  Not the point of the maze, but still an accomplishment of sorts. 

Looking out of the corn maze into the hills with the leaves changing color. 

  Brodie, hiding from me while I found it impossible to catch him. 
Rolling around in the "giant box of corn", which always got into his shoes and clothes.  At the peak of the mountain made from a stack of hay bales.

Riding the foot-powered race cars.  Brodie prefers gasoline-powered rides. 

 Farmland Adventures  


 Fun & Games with the Photo Boards


The pig races were a hoot.  Brodie loved it when the huge pigs raced, one of them 
stopped to pee in the middle of the race.  It was funny. 

 King & Queen of the tire mountain!  

Selfie at the pig races

  Feeding the cows tortillas during the hay ride.

This one has learned to get close to the source for the best flow of tortillas

  Now here we are at the Halloween party on Sunday evening at Desirae's house.
 The following are an attempt to capture some of the many amazing decorations she has.  Party in full swing.  The food was great! 
   He is not a prop! This is party guest Brian in a great zombie costume.

Brodie, the Civil War General

 Mom was a convict.  I was a 50's girl.  

A wall cling in the bathroom.

  If you were nosy enough to look behind the shower curtain, you
found this guy as a surprise! 

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