Gore & Westville
May 4 - 6

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My 30 year high school reunion was slated for May 5th, so I decided to make a weekend out of it - visiting my family and attending the reunion.  It was a hot weekend so we had a lot of time to play outside with Brodie.  That's his favorite thing to do!  

 Some shots taken around my parents' house in Westville


The long driveway lined with pine trees is always so pretty.

  Brodie, red-faced after lots of play.

Winding up for one of his stellar soccer kicks.

Showing MeMaw his muscles  
We did a lot more playing that weekend, but I decided to put the 
camera away and enjoy the family time.  I also got to visit Gran
along with Keith & Desirae on Sunday afternoon.  It was a good visit.
 Pooped out, needing some sunflower seeds to recover.  


Here we are - about half the class made it to the reunion.  It was a good time.  

Gerald, Lynn, Rodney, Greg, James Ray, Lance, Jim, Mickey, Ken, and Scotty
Lisa, Dorinda, John, Eddie, and Olin - who provided the lovely location for us to gather
Me, Kathy, and Robin - who did a great job organizing the event


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