Gore & Westville visit for Brodie's 6th birthday
March 2018

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I was honored to visit my family and help them celebrate Brodie's 6th birthday one March weekend.  I made the dubious decision to bring along Buddy, our newly-adopted dog.  He was not yet adjusted to his new home and I am still not adjusted to being a dog-mom, so that aspect of the weekend was a little shaky.  My family was super patient with him though, and a good time was had despite our dog-management and other issues.  

One of my gifts to Brodie was a set of fake mustaches.  It was all fun times until he tried
to take his off, at which point he lost some skin and sadness ensued.  First thing, and I've
already injured him!  

  Next, he decided to wear his magician's outfit that I had given him for
Christmas, but that scared Buddy into a barking fit that had us all a
nervous wreck.  

Next we tried playing with the funny headband joke gifts I gave him, which finally did not
result in any bad side effects.


On Sunday evening, we had the official party.  He had this cool dinosaur cake and Desirae
put on an amazing spread of "breakfast for dinner" - which is something I'm always on 
board to enjoy!  

  That Tuesday was his actual birthday, so we all met up in Tulsa for one more
day of celebrations at Incredible Pizza.  (Or Credible Pizza, as Brodie calls it.)   
He is so funny to watch when he plays video games, he really gets into it!  I lost pretty bad at whistle wars
The following are some cute pictures from the past year that Desirae shared with me.   

He is so thrilled to be starting school!

  His form is just like his Aunt Steph's!  (Who played for Arkansas in college.)  
 Driving Josie around in his super cool Army jeep.  

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