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This is the first year in ages that Eric and I celebrated Christmas together.  Usually he visits his family in Montana and I visit mine in eastern Oklahoma.  We had a nice time, although Eric did miss seeing his family.  The weather was a lot easier on us in Oklahoma than it would have been up north though!  

Brother Larry sent us this snowy picture of our house at Christmas time.


 Christmas Eve morning, and Brodie decided he needed to wear goggles  
 We celebrate my birthday in the morning of Christmas Eve, and Christmas that evening. Here I am opening some of the lovely gifts I was given.
 There's a lovely gift indeed - a smooch from my handsome husband.  

Setting up for battle with Brodie

  Playing sniper.  I love his gold braided belt that he uses for a gun holster.

We took an afternoon drive around Westville and saw this building I'd never seen before.
I think maybe it was the old Baron school. 

About to ride "Dusty", the wooden horse upstairs who got his name when 
my Mom said, "Wow, this is dusty!"  

Christmas gift avalanche
  Brodie, trying on his magician's outfit
The boys getting new toys  

On Christmas day the Bloomers spend the day in Gore, so the four of us headed out to
be tourists in the Bentonville, AR area.  Unfortunately, it was a cold, windy day and poor
Dad had a cold.  He was a trooper, walking around in the woods in that weather. 

  Checking out a giant deer along the path.
 Mom always thinks of something funny to do Classic car covered in change
Me & Mom in a sled at the Wal-Mart museum  

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