Westville for Thanksgiving
November 2017

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We celebrated Thanksgiving in Westville with my family this year.  We ate very well and had some adventures too.  A good time was had by all.  

Getting a tour of the repairs of Dad's boat after he got caught on the lake in a tornado last year.

  If you're playing with Brodie, there will be weapons involved.  
 Beautiful Bloomers  On a post-pig-out hike at Lake Lincoln with Mom & Dad on Thanksgiving afternoon.  Lovely! 
 Eric always has to get closer to the rocks. Happy Casazzas
 Me & Mom, snuggling for warmth Mom & Dad joking around, as they so often do.  (And I love this about them!)  
Desirae made us these fun Black Friday shirts.  It was a treat having Nancy with us for our shopping day.  

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