Westville & Gore - Halloween Party
November, 2017

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My sister throws the world's greatest Halloween party each year.  This year it worked out best to have it just after the actual holiday.  I came in for the weekend to visit my family before the Sunday afternoon party.  It was a fun time.  
One of Brodie's favorite spots is the Gentry Safari, so that was our first stop on Saturday morning. Did you know Kangaroo's are extremely soft?  

 Peacocks are so beautiful, I never get tired of looking at them.  


Fun with the statuary

 Looking for handouts Brodie is freaked out by these guys, he giggles like a fiend when they come calling.  

Zebras are so cool.

  Big, white camels

Make that big, white, very friendly camels! 

  Isn't this the most feminine camel you've ever seen?!  Give her some lipstick and she's ready for Hollywood.
 Whoa!  Is that Brodie Bloomer in the back seat? I have a great fondness for Prairie Dogs and their cute little squeaky sounds.  
 Back in Westville, we roamed the property with PePaw while MeMaw was out running. Brodie helps by removing leaves from the tree.

He is at his cutest when he thinks he's being onery.

  This is how we play with worms, we line them up for battle.  
 Bumper chairs!   Cooling off after that rousing game, which Brodie won, of course.  

A fresh pile of sand, courtesy of PePaw.  What could be better? 

  Time for the swings, we really move through the activities quickly.  
A new game is born, the "Bombing Game" consists of hitting Brodie with a ball while he swings. It was a lot of laughs until someone got hurt.  Twice.  

Now we're in Gore, ready to party.  My sister knows how to decorate for a party!  

  Brodie's zip line platform transformed into a hanging gallows.  
 One of the many amazing action statues that make up the collection.  Lovely decor awaits the viewer around each turn.  
Gran, Loretta, and Bob along with the covered walls and scary photo decor.  Steph looked lovely in her costume, Keith loved his no-fuss get-up.  

The great costumes on display.

  Cops and robbers in the Bloomer family.  
Officer Brodie giving me a warning.  I was only allowed 1 picture and I blurred it!    

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