Westville/Gore/Tulsa for Brodie's Birthday 
March 3-5, 2017

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We had a multi-day, multi-city celebration of Brodie's birthday this year as he turned 5.  It started in Westville with a lot of play time at MeMaw & PePaw's house.  Then it was off to Gore for his official party, followed by a day in Tulsa at the Tulsa Zoo and Incredible Pizza. I was worn out by the end of all this activity, but Brodie was ready for more! 

Brodie and I playing with the neighbor cat in Mom & Dad's front yard.


PePaw & Brodie are big playmates.  Here they play guitar and harmonica together.

  Next it's a game of dodge ball with the giant squishy ball
 PePaw is granted permission to wear the hat of awsomeness, but just for a few minutes.   Wearing one of the many great shirts that Desirae makes for her boy

Setting up for an epic battle that ranges all over the entire living room

 The awesome hat getting knocked off in another game of dodge ball  

You can barely see Brodie in the distance, that's how far the battlefield stretches. 



Sniper attack from the stairs


 Visiting Gran for homemade cookies and milk
   Now we're in Gore for the Army-themed birthday party.  Gran is ready for action! 
 His huge pile of gifts The Shieldnight kids playing around.  Brodie thinks everything they do is super cool, especially Alex.

His cute cake, almost too cute to cut!

  Opening gifts
 His birthday shirt, made by his momma  Next it's time for our day at the Tulsa Zoo.  

Brodie enjoying the elephant play room

Think your job is bad?  Next time remember this poor fella.
He is giving an elephant a very manual enema.  Yes folks, he
has to reach in up to his shoulder to drag the stuff out.  Whew!  

Beautiful Bald Eagle in the bird area

  Trying to keep up with the little man

Wild truck driver - get out of the way! 

  I love this picture of him enjoying the #5 cycle on his 5th birthday.

Off to the pirate ship play area
  Next to the slide

Checking out the meerkat exhibit.  They were busy checking out the Brodie exhibit.  


Meerkat king

  PePaw & MeMaw arrive to join us
The female lion was looking beautiful.  The male was not in the mood to have his photo taken.   


Checking out the penguins

Brodie loves to drive the boat and give us all a scare


Don't worry, it's not an upset stomach - he's making boat sounds for all he's worth


The adults enjoyed the seal show, but Brodie just wanted to ride the train.



 Sisters on the zoo train


Mom go the honor of riding the carousel with him this year.
Monkeys hanging out Here comes trouble.  He was the only young guy and could never understand why no 
one wanted to play with him.  He sure tried to get them interested though. 

Brodie always enjoys spinning the huge stone globe near the entrance.

Here the baby gives up on the boring old monkeys, choosing instead to sit in a sulk.  

Incredible Pizza, here we come.  

Have souvenirs, will travel.  He is ready for the next adventure.  
 Playing against his Mom in a shooting game. Whack a mole
 Beating me soundly in a go-cart race.  He sure loved it when I'd get close though!   
  The video games were the best part.  He got SO into them.  He really thought he 
was killing dinosaurs.  It was priceless.  

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