Westville Reintroduction Trip
October 8 & 9, 2016

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Because of our new 'summers in Montana' lifestyle, we hadn't seen my family since April of this year.  I headed over for a visit as soon as possible after our return and sure enough, Brodie had almost forgotten me.  Early in the trip he went to get a toy because he wanted to, "show my new friend Shawnna."  He warmed up to me right away though and took no time at all to remember Eric.  He is pretty fond of old Uncle "Ewick".  
Captain Brodie, reporting for duty.  This boy is ALL about the Army stuff. His toys, including the new beaver I brought him.  It has now been 
reclassified as a prairie dog. We just ignore the huge tail.   
In his sniper nest, monitoring the enemy the downstairs. Now we've headed over to Rogers to the Amazeum, a favorite Brodie activity.
 He loves doing the realistic Wal-Mart shopping experience, go figure! He does not love it when MeMaw tells him to push up his hat so that we can take a picture.
 Playing in the topographic sand  
 Making balls balance in a stream of air We stayed at the magnetic building blocks for a long time.
He painted with both hands at the same time There he goes - making half of the man with each hand at the same time. 

He told me to hold his second dinosaur, so I'm doing my best.

 He loved this wheel-spinning game too, I enjoyed this one as well.  
 Now we're on a walk in the woods.  He likes having a dedicated playmate.  Shooting some tan guys.
 Cute face Halt!
 Desirae arrives, fresh from the beauty salon. She got a new design put into her hair.
 Brodie, helping out with the plastic pipe Taking advantage of the brief opportunity to actually see his face.
 On the road again... Eric has arrived now, and has joined in the spider-construction project that Desirae is spearheading.


  Hey, it looks like a giant spider!  She will add some finishing touches before the big Halloween party.

Now Keith has arrived and seems a bit bemused by this giant spider that is headed for his home.

  Brodie, leading PePaw on an adventure.
Time for some campfire tales.  This evening included the story about the dog who ran out
of gas, and Brodie's first experience with the "pull my finger" trick, which was priceless! 

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