Safari Day
January 30, 2016

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One warm January weekend, I found myself with Saturday free so I made a whirlwind 'out and back' trip to visit my family.  We took Brodie to the Gentry Safari because he gets such a kick out of that place.  He runs around that place like he owns it.  Unless an "Amu" (emu) is nearby, that is!  They are scary.
When you bring Brodie, you apparently need to bring
two loaves of bread.  He really likes to feed the animals.
This huge pig totally snuck up on him, that was funny!

At first he directed MeMaw to feed them, here he is getting brave
enough to do it himself.
  Thrilled with having petted a kangaroo.  They are amazingly soft.

Beautiful parrot
 Thrilled with life.  This is an all-or-nothing kind of kid.   
They gave us lettuce to feed to the giraffes. Oops - they can't reach him.  Here PePaw and MeMaw help Brodie out.  They lick you as they take
 the food, so Brodie didn't enjoy that very much. 

 This is one of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken.  It makes me smile!

A terrible picture of a cool animal - a porcupine 

This bunny had escaped his cage, but in a place like this I wonder if
that is a good thing for his health and safety. 

Peacocks are amazing creatures
 Pony ride  
 In the drive-through part of the safari they say to keep the windows rolled 
 up, but they didn't mention the moon roof! 
An emu (or amu, as Brodie says it) checking us out
 Zebras are so interesting to me, they are really impressive One of many emus who came up close and personal
 Safari traffic jam  "Pardon me, are those pretzels I smell?" 

Turns out camels are almost as scary as emus are to Brodie
  Dad, just before he got his finger pecked
 This fat tiger makes me feel a little better about my fat house cats The product of an unholy union

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