Westville Visit
November 13 - 15, 2015

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Desirae thankfully organized a photographer for family pictures this weekend, so the family converged on Dad & Mom's house in Westville. It was a lovely weekend both in weather and in great family time. 
We had to rename Dad's wood-cutting truck from "The Turd" to "Brownie" for Brodie's sake.  We didn't want to teach him bad words!   I love this blurry picture because it's how he looks in real life.  Full speed all day.

 Fierce stick battle on the porch.                               

For Brodie, any activity can be made better by sticking out your tongue Eric is popular with Brodie because he's always doing the unexpected
Sliding with the tongue out can be dangerous, but he ain't scared.
Yes, he was driving forward at full speed during this photo, and yes, he
does that all the time.  He's an amazing driver. 

All visits to Westville start with a washing of the Gator. It must be clean.

  Now it is time for family pictures - these guys are so excited to be there.

Mom helping Gran as we move to the side of the Murrell Home
  We let Brodie play by the water to blow off some pre-photo steam
 Desirae gets Gran all posed up  My Dad, having a serious pre-photo talk with Brodie, getting him ready

 These shots are some candids I took while the real photographer was doing her thing.
 Her great pictures are included at the bottom of this page. 


Mom or Desirae shot this for us, which I appreciated greatly. 
We love our Gran.

Dad hopes to keep Brodie clean for the duration of the photo shoot


 When we saw this picture of Gran my Mom said, "Whistler's Mother."  

It cracked us up so Desirae had to do this side-by-side comparison on her phone
This is how it feels to be told to "Stand still and smile" for a whole 15 minutes.   Now we're back in Westville, where Mom, Dad, and Brodie haul the fire 
pit to the front yard in a creative way. They are creative problem solvers.

 As promised - professional family photographs.  They turned out great.  
Especially considering the challenges we threw at her!  




One parting shot of me enjoying Desirae's spin class at the 
Markoma gym, the Cherokee Nation gym in Tahlequah.

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