Westville Family Visit
May 9 - 10, 2015

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I enjoyed a great weekend visiting Brodie and his pit crew on Mother's Day weekend.  As always when Brodie is involved, it was an adventure.
 This "struction site" in the back yard is like Disneyland to Brodie I don't even make him line his trucks up in a row, he does it himself! 
 Long dog was trying to hide, but Brodie found her out Wild daisies in the woods behind Mom & Dad's house
 Riding in the golf cart with Long Dog, we sure love that sweet girl I finally got a picture of Brodie in a rare moment of stillness
 The sunset was so nice that night, Desirae and I tried to capture it


There was even a double rainbow.  You can only see one here, but it was amazing.



There was a low-hanging mist, a lovely sunset, and no wind - a perfect evening!


Blowing off some steam before putting on a harmonica "concert" 
 This is how we get "hugs", you have to hold him down!   
 Boxcar Willie had nothing on Brodie with the harmonica Here we talk to Eric on speakerphone.  He told Eric, "I'm kinda dirty." 

Here he tries to convince us that he's going to settle down for bed...NOT! 
 Can you tell this was taken at 10:30pm when we were all sleepy?
 Well, all except one of us that is.

The next morning he picked out every racecar from the pile of 
cars so that he could line them up for a race.  And, they're off! 

 He tends to lift a pant leg when he's thinking Saying 'Bye to Momma.  It was their 7th Wedding anniversary so we 
kept Brodie so they could celebrate together
 Time to get out the 'Gator!  He's an amazing driver. His babysitter Debby gave him a tag for his Gator, he loves it
 Trying for a group selfie during a ride on the golf cart Brodie's "creek" - it was a source of great enjoyment
 Then PePaw drives up on the (much faster) Trail Wagon, our
 golf cart was forgotten.
 "Let's go fast!"  
 A parting shot of him flying by on the Gator.  Fun weekend!   

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