Brodie Turns 3
March 6 - 8, 2015

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Brodie's 3rd birthday was March 6th.  We couldn't make it to the actual party on Sunday night, but got to hang out with him (and the rest of my family) on the weekend before the party.   
Here, I take him on a 30-minute car ride from Tahlequah with his
Mom to Westville to my parents' house.  It was my first time 
to drive him anywhere by myself, and I don't have a TV in my car! 
He did great though, just entertained himself.
He ran rapid-fire through all the things to play with at MeMaw & PePaw's house.
But, as he's learned from PePaw, you shouldn't do anything with a dirty vehicle.
The first stop was to wash his Gator so he could hot rod around the yard. 

Next he used his play kitchen to fix us some tasty food.
  Then it was off to cut down a tree.
He looks like he's doing an Elvis impersonation with his chainsaw noises! Dad and Gran look on, being entertained by the Brodster
 Fixin' things with his toolbox
Drivin' the Gator - almost into the barbed wire fence this time, but he
stopped just short of it.  The kid is an amazing driver.
 Sweet Long Dog - she's had a rough year so far, but she's still a good girl. Dad and Brodie out for a spin on "the old tractor"
 The excitement of trying to catch a low-hanging branch Then he found the fuel cut-off switch and caused a pause in the tractor ride.

Here's the very cute invitation to his party:  


His "3" construction cake turned out really neat

Brodie's personal construction hat "smash cake"  

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