Morton Christmas 
December 23 - 25, 2014

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We had an unconventional Morton Christmas this year, but a blessed one nonetheless.  Mom and Dad's house was flooded by a leak right after Thanksgiving, and they are still a long way from reclaiming a normal life in their home.  I had also decided to make a post-Christmas visit to Eric's family in Montana (my second December trip in 22 years!)  These things meant that we celebrated in a different location and in an abbreviated fashion.  Desirae stepped up to host the festivities in her usual great style in their newly remodeled house, it was very nice.  We had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at KTK restaurant in Tahlequah.  A good time was had by all, especially Brodie!
Sweet Prisser is getting old and needs extra cuddling now Cart envy at the grocery store - he actually wanted 
the fire engine shopping cart but it was in use
 Enjoying some wonderful steaks at KTK in Tahlequah Brodie can drive!  
Here Brodie helps me with the candles on my birthday cake Trying to age gracefully, 45 is upon me!  
Brodie got to open an early Christmas present.
He seems to know what men are meant to do in 
a recliner, look at those sleepy eyes!  


Gran getting an early start on her opening too




 Mom is becoming famous for her photo-bomb skills.
 She has friends she met by photo-bombing them
 when they were total strangers to her, then she
 went up to them afterward and said, "Would you
 send that picture to me?"  My Mom is crazy! (And fun.)  
A great gift for Brodie - Whack a Mole! But even better gifts were the two big trucks he got from MeMaw.
He completely lost interest in all other gifts after this, we had to open them for him.  Checking out the realistic workings of the crane
I tried on Mom's new shoes which were supposed to be "lighter than air."  
Sure enough, they made my foot float off the floor! 
Desirae received a creative lunch sack 
A Brodie photo book has the same effect on Gran that trucks have on Brodie Keith's "Redneck Wrapping" - a brown-paper bag and painter's tape!

Mom looking beautiful in the scarf and earrings
I made for her.
  Desirae with her scarf, accessorizing with packing-peanut horns
 PePaw helps with the magic sand. Like father, like son - Keith checking out the realistic workings of 
the log truck.

If you want a kiss from Brodie, be ready to hang on to him really tight!  
  Desirae told me he liked stickers, and I got to
see why later that night - sticker belly!

We were playing a game which involved him climbing in and out of
the bed every 45 seconds, then pretending to go to sleep.  It was cute.
  Christmas morning, the Bloomer family kindly included me in their
traditional Christmas breakfast - it was a feast!  
Christmas day I went to Mom & Dad's house to help them paint.
We painted the room that used to be my bedroom (then later, 
become Desirae's room.)  I didn't help much but was happy to 
spend the day with them.  

Christmas afternoon we all met up and headed to Broken Arrow
to Rhema Bible Training College.  They do an amazing Christmas
light display.  We wanted to be there when they turned them on.


The closest thing you'll get to a smile from Dad in a picture.
Especially when it is freezing cold!  He was a trooper.
 Blurry, but I liked this picture of us two girls
 Entertaining Brodie while we wait for the lights to come on


Wow!  They're on!


It is a very impressive display.  There's a walking part and a driving part. 

 Headed for the light tunnel, Brodie's favorite part. A light cave made by coating a weeping willow in lights.  He has MeMaw 
in there with him, but she's in Ninja-wear so you may not spot her. 
Finally! Brodie will cuddle for a minute when it is cold. But only one minute... 


Us girls doing a selfie inside the light tunnel

What a great way to end a lovely Christmas celebration with my family.  Thank you Jesus!!


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