Westville in October
October 4, 2014

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I was blessed to visit my family in Westville in October.  Just a day late to be with my Dad on his birthday, but close enough for us to all celebrate together. As you can see, if you need help celebrating your birthday - Brodie is the man to call. 
 Here Brodie helps to put the candles on Dad's cake Here, Brodie helps to blow out the candles on Dad's cake
 Now, Brodie helps to take the candles off of Dad's cake Next, Brodie helps Dad (PePaw to Brodie), open his gifts.  He's a helpful boy! 
The celebration is over, time to go outside and play!
Desirae has the trail wagon fired up and ready to go.
I love how Brodie lines up his toys in organized ways, he's
a kid after my own heart. (Hopefully not TOO much like me!)

 PePaw and MeMaw get Brodie settled in on the "4-laler" for a FAST ride.

Brodie has the need for speed.  Woo hoo!

MeMaw makes sure he doesn't take off with it on his own. Hugs for Long dog!  She's a sweetie.
 Whew, she's tired after all that lovin'.   Brodie loves his trucks - and dirt.

 Some of Mom & Dad's pretty flowers they planted this fall.


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