Gore and Westville Trip
August 23 - 24, 2014

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It had been a while since we visited my family, and Mom had a recent birthday - so we ran off to Gore and then Westville to visit the family.  It was a great trip!

We started in Gore so that we could see the wonderful remodeling job Keith and Desirae have done on their home.  It looks great, and so does their new furniture! 

The nice, new living room with the lovely new furniture - and Eric and Brodie Keith and Brodie working on the vintage puzzle I brought
Now we're in Westville, where Brodie helps with an ice bucket challenge Both Mom and Desirae had been challenged, Brodie was a big help!
Here he gets Eric to push him in the swing And he seems to really enjoy it!
 Now he is cooking us a 'meal' in his make-believe kitchen Did I hear someone start a motorized vehicle?
Dad & Mom's house - since we built it in 1986 Brodie is an amazing driver - and he's always at full throttle
He loves to cut corners close to things, like his relatives
See what a kick he gets out of it?  He stopped on a dime when he cut
it too close by Eric's foot though, it was impressive.
 The freedom of the open road (or yard)  Dad had the place looking great
   This is Brodie's "thinking face"

This is Brodie's "happy face"
  This is Brodie's "I'm having a blast!" face - PePaw was running right
up on the bumper of our trail wagon
These two were built for speed  Now it's Sunday morning and it looks like Long Dog is in danger! 


It was great to see Roger, a friend of the family since he and Dad were kids  

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