Westville - Independence Day
July 4 - 6, 2014

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Eric & Kristin Harris invited us on a rock climbing trip to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch for the Independence Day weekend.  Since I've retired from climbing and hadn't seen my family in a long time, I decided to visit Westville while the Erics and Kristin went to the ranch.  Eric invited our good friends David and Rui to go along and they had a great time.

My weekend in Westville was a huge adventure - because we were with Brodie!  That boy is a force of nature who ranks somewhere in the category near a tornado.   He's so adorable that I ended up taking 350 pictures.  But take heart, you only have to look at 50 of them here.  Hopefully this page will capture a bit of the experience involved in trying to keep up with Brodie Keith Bloomer, or Brodie Keeff, if he's the one saying it.  

 David, Rui, and Eric as we are about to meet my family for lunch  Here Brodie hands Eric a few toys for him to hold

Together again!  Rui and David with Mom
 Eric wanted to see if Brodie would share his hat.  Eventually he did,
 but only for a few minutes.  It looked great on both of them! 

Next we went to the playground.  Here Brodie says, "C'mon PePaw!"  
  Mom & Dad grilled up a great 4th of July dinner for us
 Long Dog - staying close to the grill in case she's needed for cleanup duty Gran & Desirae in the golf cart - chasing Brodie and looking lovely
 Yes, this is an electric car.  He's not even 2 1/2 years old and he
 is a great driver.  And I'm not just saying that, he really is!  
Now he's moved on to "driving" Dad's boat - complete with sound effects
 Next he's off to play in the sprinkler.  Very fun!   
  His redneck kiddie pool - it works great!  
 Using a shoe to throw water on himself  Dried off and ready to play a little before the fireworks begin
The most fireworks we've ever had - all thanks to Keith and Desirae. They were great!                  Brodie enjoyed stomping the snap pops
Brodie also loved the smoke bombs - but they made his eyes water He wanted to try a sparkler - but he had it at the wrong end
Next he checks out the snakes - he only liked stomping them at the end Time for the bigger fireworks, he'd better get closer to PePaw
 The audience assembled for the big show  Prisser did great until the loud ones at the end
The pretty cone fireworks in action


 OK, I've worn Dad out.  Who's next?!   Now it is Saturday morning - he starts each day with a drive around the yard
A very rare sight - Long Dog runs!   That way PePaw!  Faster, faster!
He loves riding with PePaw on the 4-Wheeler Now it's time to play on his play set
 Oops - he came down that slide a little quick Ordering a slice of wood, also known as a hamburger, from MeMaw
 Time to play in the sand box - he's happy His Mom said he can't pour sand on his shorts - now he's sad
 OK, it's been a few seconds, so now he's happy again But then he fell off the edge and everyone laughed - yep, sad again
Nothing will cheer him up like a water gun - lookout Dad! Lookout MeMaw!
 Uh oh, Mom has a squirt gun of her own.  Lookout Brodie! Happy boy
 Wet boy Onery boy
 Poor Dad couldn't fill his weapon fast enough Time out!  We must have clean feet.
 Mom giving the dogs the royal treatment in the golf cart Time to play in the shop.  "Catch ya!" Brodie says.
 Fast forward to Sunday morning - Brodie is surveying his domain "Push me in the bee!"  (His name for a swing.)
 Having fun Learning to climb so he can go with Eric in a few years
 You have to be ready - you never know when he'll jump! The woods behind our house are a great place for riding around
What a great 4th of July!  Spending time with family,
living in this great country, enjoying all that God has
done in our lives.  Thank you Jesus!   
Gotta help PePaw fold up this tarp - he couldn't do it alone!    

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