Easter in Westville
April 19 & 20, 2014

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We decided to visit Brodie and his pit crew for Easter, and just for fun our good friend Simba joined us too.  It was a great trip, we really packed a lot into a short visit.   
Gran made some Play-Doh snakes, which Brodie promptly cut to pieces In his favorite spot - in the sandy area where the pool goes in the summer.

This is as good as Disney Land to Brodie
 Oh yeah!  Dirt and sand, that's the best!  
The lawn mower, 4-wheeler, and tractor are the rides! Gran trying out some funny sunglasses
 Long dog, earning her name Gran with a little bit better pair of sunglasses
 Brodie the cute Old tractor?  PePaw, ride it please? Old tractor? Old tractor?
 That way!!  The boys out having fun on the tractor
 Sharing some deep thoughts with PePaw Back to the sand!
 Too cute And just a little onery
 The bubbles were a big hit Catch it!

  He needs a little work on his technique

Now he's got it! 


How do you ruin Easter Egg hunting?  By firing up the "old tractor" - look at
that face!
  Now the tractor is put away, so we can go back to finding eggs.
He liked to hold as many in his hands as possible, then put them
into the shovel, then use the shovel to put them in the Easter Egg 
basket.  Uh oh, he may have a career in government ahead of him! 
Mission accomplished
Action shot - he spots a candy bar among the eggs.  Get it!
He's all boy

Here he realizes that he just threw sand down his pants

  PePaw washes all the cars on the place, so Brodie decided 
his car was dirty.  "Wash it PePaw.  Please?"

Whew, now it's clean - we'd better push it into the post
I think he has decided these are safety glasses Dad built a little fire out back in an old wheelbarrow - it made the perfect fire pit!
Desirae let me do bedtime stories again.  Wheels on the Bus is a favorite. Next morning, on a walk behind the house. Brodie didn't want to turn around.

Eric and Simba, enjoying a lovely Easter Sunday morning
  Eric hanging with his peeps - Simba and the 'Dress Me Dog'
Time for another round of, "Old tractor. Ride it PePaw please?"    Hurray for PePaw!
 Pretty morning view of the lane Here come our tractor riders now
 This is how Brodie likes to spend his time - riding stuff with PePaw  

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