Christmas in Westville
December 24 - 27, 2013

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For many years, Eric and I spend Christmas separately - each visiting our own parents' home.  It works out well for us.  It would be nice to be able to "beam" ourselves back and forth between the two families in order to spend time with everyone.  I'll be glad when they have that technology ironed out!  
Christmas Eve is my birthday, so the day always starts
by everyone spoiling me with gifts and good wishes.
I take to it pretty well... 
Mom was demonstrating how I'd need to wear my
reflective gloves, but it also shows that she's a
serious force to be reckoned with!  
 I took a few pictures of Brodie this visit, maybe 87 or so. Happy Birthday to me. 


This was taken during a rousing game of Headbandz - we had a
lot of fun with this game.  
   A rare shot of Gran laughing.


 Gran always gets started on her pile 'o gifts early Brodie doesn't get the gist yet, he's not interested in the 
colorful boxes.

Showing off his shark boots
  Elmo!  One of his favorites.  After tractors, heavy equipment, 
and the "Wheels on the Bus" video.

Not interested in the hat Aunt Shawnna made for him.  
Possibly because it was about 85 degrees in the room
at the time.
  The boys had to stop awhile to play with their new toys.
Driving a new tractor through piles of colored paper, now
that's something to get excited about!  
Mom modeling her new Westville Yellowjacket hat I made for her.
Brodie, trying to get the hang of gift opening. Watched Dads work faster, right?!
 Smile-o Prissy is worn out from all the excitement. 
 Dad & Keith play with Keith's new log flipper gadget Dad & Mom did a great job on decorating the house this year, it looked so pretty! 
If you want to cuddle Brodie, you have to wrestle him
to do it!  He doesn't sit still for anything except "The
Wheels on the Bus" 
Time to celebrate Desirae's birthday a couple of weeks early.
Since I won't see her then, I get a jump on the celebration.

The whole family working to get Brodie's basketball goal put together
  He's got game!

Cool action shot.  (Really it was an accident, but it looks kind of neat.) 
  Time out while we play with our heavy equipment toys.  He 
knows the names of his roller, back hoe, dump truck, and tractor.

He has this idea that after he shoots a basket he must fall
into the floor afterward.  He must have seen too many players
trying to draw a foul on TV!  
  Dad is the best jungle gym of all!  
Here we are with our beloved equipment toys Fun with the ball-return that we didn't put on the basketball goal.
I'm not sure he likes this side of his Mom MeMa trying to get some sugar.  You have to hold him pretty tight! 
I love this - he's trying to show us he's not scared of this toy anymore. On second thought, it is pretty creepy...
Time for Brodie's first haircut!  His entourage (defined by 
Merriam-Webster as a group of people who go with and 
assist an important person
) starts by getting him dressed.
Ah Mom, I even have to wear shoes?!


 Mom says, "Did you say candy??!"   A last look at his long hair before James does his thing
Keith is always pleasant to be around OK, I'll sit in your strange chair, but you can't have my toy cars!


Red alert!  Melt down approaching in 3, 2, 1... Whew, Mom got "Wheels on the Bus" going in the nick of time.  
The big cut! Just part of Brodie's pit crew, we totally dominated Dorinda's salon.
This hair-cuttin' business will really work up a thirst  The clippers tickled him!
His first look at himself post-haircut.  
I don't think he cares much either way!
He looks adorable though, doesn't he?  Here he tries to figure out how
he can have this sucker without putting down any of his toys. 

This was a nice collage-thing that Desirae put together

Beautiful Dorinda owns this salon (Details) and has been my best friend
since we were in 4th grade.  We don't need to discuss how many years
ago that has been!  
Now we're back home, and glad the ordeal is behind us

He took a 3-hour nap that day after all that excitement.

 Mom makes a great chair Nice shot! 

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