Thanksgiving in Westville
November 25 - 28, 2013 

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The blessings in our lives truly overflow.  We were so grateful to spend this Thanksgiving with family and friends - enjoying beautiful weather, good food, peace, and prosperity.  God is good all the time.

We started our Thanksgiving holiday this year with family pictures.  That's a once-every-five-years event, so it was a big deal!  It was pretty cold out that morning, but our photographers managed to get some good shots of us.

We were also blessed this year to be able to share Thanksgiving with two of our Chinese friends.   Rui Song and David (Zheren) Yang joined us for the holiday.  We all had a great time! 


My side of the family fits into the frame a little easier than Eric's 31 people.
But even though there are only 8 of us, we still can't all look at the camera at the same time! 
I still think it's a great shot of us anyway.

Desirae, Brodie, Keith, Gran, Shawnna, Eric, Marcella, Leon


Keith with his "Brodierito" Eric and I gazing off in different directions

The only time Brodie will let you snuggle him is when it is cold!  Mom's nickname of 'Brown Granny' didn't stick, Brodie prefers "Memaw" instead.
She will answer to anything if Brodie says it! 
Me and Gran were trying to stay warm Blurry Bloomers, still looking good despite the blur.

 E & Me & G

 Gran & Shawnna, doubtless up to no good...


I think Mom is afraid Desirae will drop Brodie!  J/K
Something in the distance is inspiring Eric to deep thoughts.

 My sweet sister Desirae and me - she always makes me smile Keith and Desirae

Mom & Dad - She has to squeeze him tight to 
keep him from getting away from the camera!
  The boys wore out quickly, so us girls decided 
to have some pictures taken together. 
This man is always on the move He chases Long dog, but then gets afraid of what to do if he catches her.
I think a Jeep just drove by on the highway. Bloomer family stroll down the lane

Brodie loves to be outside
Here's a blurry shot of us with David & Rui, they are great guys.
Now it's time to eat!  Here the boys dish up for round 1.  There were 8 people there
but we had 5 pies and some chocolate cake - how's that for bounty!


Brodie is diggin' the peas



 Eric and the boys went climbing, so Desirae, Keith, and I 
 went walking in the woods behind our house.  We made sure
 to get our orange on first, and boy, did we look great in it! 
Happy Bloomers Now Keith pretends he doesn't want to be kissed (it's not true!!) 

Why walk when you can be driven about in the trail wagon?!  
Next we all went over to check on Desirae's rental property
which is the house where she used to live.  It was Brodie's
first visit to this house. 
Later that night, Uncle Larry, Aunt Glenda, and my cousin Deana
came over for a visit and to give us a turn at hanging out with Granny.  
It was great seeing them, and fun playing word games with Gran.


Desirae caught this picture of me & Mom on Black Friday. She calls it, 
"Story time at Barnes & Noble" - Mom is teaching me about tractors.


Friday night Mom, Rui, David, and I played a rousing game of Headbandz
that was really funny.
Saturday we headed over to the KB Ranch, or "Brodie's house" as the boys called it.
Here's David at Lake Tenkiller


The Tenkiller dam.  There is some interesting history about the lake at this web site.  Rui at the dam, he has his GQ thing working here.  
The teeter-totters aren't as fun once you grow to your full height!  But the rocking horses are fun forever!
The slide was another hit. Me, I'm a swing girl myself. 
Rui having a conversation with a turkey buzzard Now we're visiting Desirae, Keith, Brodie, and Prisser.

Yes, she's really that adorable.

   And so his he!! 
 David making friends with the goats  David about to go crazy in the golf cart - not really!  
Some of the Bloomer horses They were very sweet horses.  
 I think they're having a conversation of some sort here. Another horse wants to get in on the attention so she shoves her way in!
David has found a friend too.  
This is Junior, Bob Bloomer's Brahman bull.  (I have ALWAYS heard 
them called Brahma bulls, but the internet says it ends with an "n"
and the internet is always right, right?!)   
Are you really going to leave?  Didn't you want to stay and pet us some more?
I always love this field, it is so pretty in every season. Eric, Keith, and Brodie walking out to meet up with us. 
Eating persimmons off the tree.  They were good,
but they dried out your mouth afterward.
Next the guys got to feed the goats, but those pictures somehow 
disappeared from my SD card - bummer!!  Anyway, it was a fun 
end to a fun trip.  

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 


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