June Visit to Westville
June 22 - 23, 2013

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We made a whirlwind trip to Westville/Gore this weekend for a quick visit with my family.  There was a lot to celebrate, as we had a belated Father's Day, a slightly belated anniversary for Mom & Dad, and we also celebrated my Dad's long-awaited retirement on the previous day.  Big doin's!!  

 True to form, Dad was still working right up to the last hour of work

Dad with his good friend Greg Cady out in the plant.  He actually had about 45 years
of service, but there was a break in service in his late teens so they only count 42 years.
Dad loves having his picture taken -  NOT!
Being with Brodie means a lot of time spent outside, which 
happens to suit me just fine! Here we are with Desirae in the golf cart.
Now he's playing in his little pool and I'm playing with my camera.
 He makes an adorable subject, don't you think?! He is always on the move, every shot is an action shot with Brodie! 
 He's got that bye-bye wave down pat Going around and around the fence, peeking at everyone. 

Mom knows how to play!

He was running laps between the grand-folks and Mom with the water hose


 Thinking about eating some moss
 Thinking about messing with Long Dog  Being adorable


Scary!  I opened a chair and was greeted by some of the biggest Brown Recluse
spiders that any of us had ever seen.
 Eric and Dad, having to examine them before killing them.

The beautiful moon as we saw it from Gore that night.  It took some Photoshop
trickery to get this picture to show you what we saw that night, but it was beautiful. 


 Some pictures Mom shared with me of Brodie and Grandpa - those two are quite the pair! 


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