Morton Family Visit
February 15 - 17, 2013

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I made a quick trip to Gore and Westville to see the fam on Valentine's weekend.  One of my main reasons for going was to have my own private birthday party with my sweet nephew Brodie.  I'm not going to be able to attend his 1st birthday party so I wanted to celebrate with him myself.  However, once I arrived at the KB Ranch I realized that I'd left all my gifts at home!  Yes, now you see what it is like to be me.  Oh well, we had a great visit anyway.  
 He and I get that same look on our face when we're thinking Here he's rockin' out with his musical toys
 Look at those eyelashes - is it OK to call them "pretty"?
 Here Grandpa makes him laugh by
helping him pull Brown Granny's hair
Aunt Shawnna & Grandpa couldn't quite get the hat on straight, but
we took him for a walk in the woods - which is all Brodie cared about.

A sunset view of the pines along the lane to the house.  


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