Visit to Westville
July 14 & 15, 2012

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I had not been back to my side of the state for a long time because of my knee surgery.  However, I started to feel a strong need for a shot of Vitamin B (my nephew Brodie, that is!)   My Mom was in an adventure race that weekend so it sounded like a great excuse to head that way.  It was a nice trip. 
 Sunrise over the field behind my sister's house.  It is peaceful there.  The start of the Port to Fort adventure race in Ft. Gibson, OK.  Mom was in there somewhere.
My uncle Joe and my cousin Trevor.  It was
great to spend time with them, Amanda, and Will.
Brodie having some deep thoughts in the stroller.  I think it was something 
like, "Should I demand to eat now or should I take another nap?"  

Here Trevor uses my camera and catches me bogarting Joe's chair.
Yes, the crippled girl forgot to bring her own chair, duh!  
  Joe and Brodie

Trevor has a lot of experience in front of a camera.
He's been on magazine covers and has done TV commercials.
Maybe he's teaching Brodie the tricks of the trade! 


These poor guys dumped their canoe right near the finish 
line where everyone could see them.  Maybe they wanted
to cool off before they finished the race. 
Isn't he a sweetie?!!  
 Here's "Team Mom" now.  I don't know the real team name, but that works for me.  Approaching the finish.  You have to carry your boat up the steep hill to the finish line.
 There they go - almost there! At least they were still smiling after a 2 1/2 hour race! 
 Brodie was not a fan of the sunglasses or the sun.


I can't look at this picture without thinking, 
"What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"  If you don't get that,
don't worry - it just means I'm too old! 
 Brodie LOVES riding in the Trail Wagon.  
 Here Mom teaches him to drive it.
Isn't this the sweetest picture ever?  
She almost never puts him down when she's with him.  

I left town early on Sunday and this beautiful sunset saw me off.  I just had to pull over to capture it.  


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