Memorial Day in Westville
May 28 - 30, 2011

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Eric & I spent a relaxing weekend in Westville for Memorial Day.  It was capped off by a Bloomer/Morton party at Desi's house.  She throws great parties!  
 Mom & I took Gran to the Westville Cemetery to look for the grave of her great-uncle.  We found it!  Louis Rains.  July 26, 1842 - March 6, 1927
 Gran was 3 when he died.  
 Gran has become a bit wobbly so I was her stablizer.
 (We didn't mention to her that I'm generally clumsy!!)  
Keith has just about taken over Prisser from Desirae

This picture cracks me up!  
Did someone give us each a gum ball or something?!

Keith & Gracie.  It's good to have a tall uncle - more lap to go around!   


 A picture of me (that I actually like) and Prisser just before we headed for OKC.
 We took the right roads this time and made it back over an hour faster! :-) 

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