Westville for Labor Day
September 3 - 5, 2010

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We made a very quick trip to Westville over Labor Day weekend.  We hung out with Mom & Dad, attended the Cherokee Holiday (me & Mom), and Eric did some climbing at Lake Lincoln.  Then we loaded up Gran and all went over for a nice dinner with Uncle Shorty and Aunt Bernice.  My cousin Gene was nice enough to come over as well so it felt like a family reunion.  
We celebrated the beautiful weather by taking
Long Dog for a ride in the trail wagon.  
Isn't this a thing of beauty?  My Dad's sense of 
organization is an inspiration to me. 
 It is lovely out at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah.
 We were there for the Cherokee Holiday craft fair.
Mom's friend was awarded the "Cherokee Living Treasure" (Master Craftsman) honor that day.  She makes traditional baskets.
 Another of Mom's friends - he was in the 
 blowgun contest.
After dinner with Shorty and Bernice, we visited Bernice's quilt room for a tour of her beautiful handiwork.
 Shorty reminisces though a book of old family photos while
 Eric (the socializer) behaves himself. 
I caught Gran with her eyes closed in this picture with Gene.
I hadn't seen Gene in about 20 years so his visit was a nice treat.

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