Westville - Memorial Day Weekend
May 22 -24, 2009 

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My sister and I had tickets to a concert in Fayetteville, AR on the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend, so I decided to make a trip of it.  Desirae was brave enough to have both sides of her family over for a big cookout on Sunday.  I enjoyed a lot of time visiting with family, relaxing, and being spoiled by Mom.

The concert was Darius Rucker - we had amazing seats and enjoyed the show very much. 

 We got a sneak preview of the set list before the show.
 Our seats were directly front & center - you couldn't get 
 closer without sitting on the stage!



 Darius - we really like his new stuff and were glad he played most of his new album, "Learn to Live"



Saturday we went off shopping & left Dad to pine away for us in his shop.
Here he misses us terribly already.
 Here Mom & Desi wait patiently while I took forever to buy Birkenstocks
 at Flying Possum Leather on Dickson St. in Fayetteville.


 Momma Kitty - always posing


Mom & I took Gran out to eat at Ozark Gardens, a new restaurant in Westville.
I asked if I could trade rice for double broccoli - and did I ever get broccoli!
It was really great. 


 Our waiter took this for us in the restaurant. The sunset from Mom & Dad's driveway as I gave Gran a ride home.

Our Gran - Wanda Morton

 Here we are at Keith & Desirae's house for a very good cookout.  


 Prissy Pants - always a hit with the kids. Dad & Alex checking out the first-class gun safe Keith built.
 Gracie & Prissy having a waltz  Dead-eye with a camera
 Keith and the "prettiest horse ever", Jack  Dad must have made a good joke - Bob enjoyed it anyway
 Scruffy sporting his "summer do" Prissy smiling at me
 Here she is, looking serious  Desirae, showing off their cute goats.
 Gran, in danger of a goosing from Scruffy Morton women
 Bloomers in love The bar was weighed down by the generous spread 

Alex the photographer
   Desirae with her "mini me" Gracie, always a cutie.


 Dad giving Prissy a little scratch.   Gran - taking it all in.

 Here I make a new best friend.


Me & Gran   

 Dad - goofing off with Prissy Mom - happy because she has a cookie.
 Keith Bloomer Me & my laptop
 A wren's nest on the front porch.  The bird will come
 and sit on the eggs when people aren't right close.
 Next we took a ride to Greenleaf State Park - the only way we could 
 all fit in one car was to get creative with where we put Mom.

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