Dad's 27th Work Anniversary
March 14 - 16, 2008

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My Dad has worked at Jet Stream Plastics (now called PipeLife Jet Stream) since he was 16 years old.  He has actually worked there for about 28 years, but consecutively he reached his 37th anniversary in March of this year.  Mom, Desirae, and I decided to surprise him by attending the celebration.  He was surprised!

I had a good weekend at home with my family, including a very cold 5K race with Mom in Tulsa.  Thankfully, she made it up to me with a big Waffle House breakfast afterward + some thrift store shopping.  She knows what carrots to dangle in front of me!  I also got to spend time with sister Desirae, future brother- in-law Keith, and my beloved Gran.  It was a good weekend. 

 Surprise!!! Now he's trying to act pleased, he doesn't like parties & fuss.
 Somebody cracks up the room. Here he shows off his award.
 Here's Dad with his friend and boss Greg   Dad and his girls - it kinda reminds you of Charlie's Angels, right?! 
 Mom & friend Grace at the Tulsa St. Patrick's Day race.
Me & Mom - we froze, then got hot, then froze again.
And we paid $20 for that privilege!
 Here we are at Westville's Mexican restaurant on Saturday night. Here's Keith being a cat pillow next to Desi at Mom's 



Dad's new truck all rigged up for a day of fishing on Sunday (with Dad barely in the picture)

 The beautiful "Momma Kitty", now mostly called, "Ma"

Also beautiful (in her own way) is "Long Dog."  She is named "Sissy" by her real owners, 
but my parents and sister have co-opted her so that she rarely goes to her original home. 

 A view of how she got the nickname "Long Dog" Here she turns her love eyes on Dad - 
we are all defenseless against the love eyes.

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