Trip to Westville
May 12 & 13, 2007

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We used Mother's Day as an excuse to go home to visit my family.  It was also Strawberry Festival time in the neighboring town of Stilwell, so we got to attend that as well.  It was a good trip!
 These pictures were of the Strawberry Festival 5K  Mom & Jon ran while me, Desirae, and Keith monitored the course for them
 This shot includes Jon's son Darrell, our cousin-in-law Victor, 
 Mom's friend Isabel, and Mom herself (in peach.)  
 And away she goes!
Here Keith admires Desirae in her lovely cowgirl hat Now Danya tries it on (we were watching her while her Mom ran)
Here comes Mom, looking great! Here come Darrell & Jon, trying to catch her.
 The court house in Stilwell, the county seat Victor & Deana Paden's son Forrest (our cousin)
 This is Keith's neice & sister, Zoe & ___  Oops!  I lost her name!  Jon, encouraging Darrell to push himself
 Victor, running in a pack of kids Mom, still smiling

 This dog cracked me up.  He was 
worn out from carrying himself around!

 Mom again  
 It looks kinda like I'm happy to be leaving the
 Bail Bonds office, doesn't it?
Zoe, thrilled to be there

Here I get to meet Jon's brother and his family.
The girl on the left is a great young runner.

   Love Bugs - Keith & Desirae
 Mom & Isabel - they worked hard!  Darrell & Jon scrutinize the result board
 They are really thinking hard about those results! Post-race chatting  
Mom, looking at her medal like she's never seen one before
(which is not true, she has about 100 of them!)
 Jon gave Desirae the visor he won as a prize
 Here Keith jokes around with it We ran into Deana & Victor later and had some laughs

Here's one of Mom's very best friends - Mary Barnett.   Don't get blinded by the rock on her finger, she's engaged!

I started to take a picture of this woman because she
looked so funny but the joke was on me.  She immediately
started waving, smiling, and calling Mom's name.  Of course 
they were friends - Mom's friends are all characters!
Here Eric enjoys a patch of sun.  
He actually  just woke up from a nap.
 That afternoon us girls made TONS of strawberry jam.  It was good!  
Eric and I made a quick trip to Lake Lincoln that afternoon. Eric, thinking deep thoughts about the rock.

 Pretty flowers

It's such a nice little spot. This is "Fulsom" - the elaborate dog pen my family built at Desi's house

This is a cute little neighbor dog
that visited us at Desi's house

And this cutie is "Prisser Pants",
Desi's little dog.  That girl is almost 
never still - it was hard to get a picture! 


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