May 2010

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We joined our friend Eric Harris for a Memorial weekend trip to Utah.  We stayed with Eric's friends, who quickly became our friends as well.  What a wonderful family the Litchfields are!  Join us now as we share our adventures in the Beehive State.  (Why on earth do they call it that?!)  
 Our first tourist activity was a dinosaur museum in Ogden, it was neat. Here I show off my considerable acting skills.
 Eric is a better actor than I am Happy Casazzas
 He'll never find me here! Eric laughs in the face of danger
 This dinosaur was rescued from a life of cruelty at a putt-putt course Here's a vantage point you never wanted to see!
 The Eric's could not understand how anyone could write such a sign  Deep thoughts about the dinosaurs
 This guy needs a Sam's-sized bottle of wrinkle cream   Next we went to a great Greek meal and then watched the sun set at the capital
 Driving up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a cold day of climbing.



Shawnna has never seen a rock before and is fascinated.

Eric wrote that - I want to mention that it was COLD and I
had on every piece of clothing in the car, which makes me 
look tubby in this picture. 

 Perfect granite on the first pitch of the first climb of the day.  
 Little Cottonwood Canyon   Across the way
 Eric Harris getting psyched for the day.  We had this place to ourselves as the weather was cold and threatening
   I am at the belay ready to bring Eric H up so we can do the second
   pitch of this classic LCC crack.


 You can barely see Eric C. at the top  It is almost never a good idea to climb cracks with a broken toe.
   Eric did not get the memo.


This smile says, "Gee, my toe hurts." 

 Don't look down...  
 Rappelling off the second pitch to bad anchors.


 Eric Harris on a 5.10 seeing how small a hold a broken toe can step on.  


 The two E's after our climbing bit.    Reunited - I dumped them at the rock to go shopping
 Eric doing his G.Q. thing Downtown Park City - it was very quiet that cold Saturday afternoon
 Nice view The Litchfield living room made a good hang-out spot
 The universal TV face.  Annie and Eric were fast friends.  Kael, hamming it up for the camera
Have you ever seen so many
gray hairs in a beard?! Kael hasn't.

Fortunately, my handsome
husband can carry it off with style.


Here we are out for a nice dinner - Chip, Desiree, Kael, Ray, Annie, and my Eric

 Now Eric Harris & I get in on a pic Eric is tired of having his picture taken now
 On Sunday after church we went to Big Cottonwood Canyon Here we are near the top of the canyon
 We had a great lunch at the Silver Fork Lodge The two Erics are at our table in the center of the picture

 We were treated to some close-up hummingbird interaction while we ate

 On a "hike" (really an easy walk) we did along the way The guys always have to go off the beaten path
 Eric, trying to numb the effects of yesterday's climbing on that broken toe Next we went to the Olympic Park.  We saw a guy doing jumps here.

Eric H. and I rode the Zip Rider.  It was less dramatic than I expected.

Eric is chillin on the lifts up to the Zip Rider  

 Ready, set...


The Litchfields treated us to a great evening
of chatting by the fire and enjoying S'mores
for our last night in town.
 Eric, doing an elaborate wind-up Eric is not believing the Chip's story at all!

 It was a great trip!


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