Our Trip to Tucson
February 19 - 22, 2004

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We were missing our friend Stacie Gibbins so much that we decided to just take off and go visit her.  She lives in Tucson, where there just happens to be some world-class rock climbing.  (Not that this influenced Eric's decision to go in any way!)  Stacie's boyfriend (and our new friend) Nathan Blythe was there too and we all had such a nice time together.
Here we are on our first day in town, Eric has a guide to take him climbing.  
He seems less than enthusiastic about me taking this picture.
Stacie took Nathan and I up to the same area where Eric was climbing, but we 
went in a tourist fashion - slowly with lots of stops for pictures and pie.  Perfect!
 Nathan & I over the scenery of Tucson The little trees were just starting to green up for spring.  
There had been a fire up here recently but it was recovering nicely.

Here's the cute couple with Stacie's ride in the background.

This looks out over the area where Eric was climbing. (I think, we couldn't see him.)
 I refuse to make any comment about this picture.  You make up your own! Stacie, talking Nathan back from the abyss...

There was no shortage of nice scenery.

We were in the Santa Catalina Mountains.  Eric climbed on Mt. Lemmon.


 Now it's time for the serious business - PIE!  We had a great spot by the fire and enjoyed our wonderful treats.
Here we also experienced one of many very sassy waitresses that we were to encounter on this trip.  This was in Summerhaven.


Warning:  Studly climbing pictures ahead.

If you are prone to swooning you may want to skip these.
My man is one hot climber!

He's having fun but he smiles a little less the higher he gets!  He climbed some multi-pitch routes that day and had a total blast
   His guide - Jeff Fassett

He has a little air under him in this picture, wouldn't you say?

 Looking up at one of the routes before climbing it.  "He's got a long way to go, and a short time to get there"

Here we are Saturday morning at a diner which had a 
lot of character and yet another very sassy waitress. 
Thankfully, she wasn't ours this time - she was scary!

This is an action shot of Stacie making a fast exit.
(We did pay our check, we promise!)

 And he made it!  

Saturday was a beautiful day.  We went to the Desert Museum and had a great day.

  A hillside covered in tall Saguaro cactus
   Here we stop to take in the scenery in the mountains near the museum

 Beautiful, isn't it?

The Mens

Pretty bird

Eric trying to climb the fence with no hands.  
It's a big drop on the other side.

Me, ready to check out the Desert Museum

Very tall cactus with a bird on top  

Eric, getting a little too close and personal with the local vegetation

   A pretty little horned owl, or was he a screech owl?  I can't remember!
   I'm sorry, I've forgotten what he was too.  I waited too long to make this page!

Here we spy on a mountain lion through a glass window


These are two bears having a nap.

 Two prairie dogs having a disagreement  
There was a lot of squeaking going on.  

   This was an Ocelot I think
 Bobcat  Fox

 Foxy ladies


This squirrel was noshing on the fruit on top of this cactus.

 Here he is again, too cute!  Isn't that gorgeous scenery?
   Red-tailed Hawk

They did a show with 4 or 5 of them all flying around.
It was very cool.

   It's blurry but I loved the way they landed on 
top of the cactus - they did it VERY gently.


 Scary bird.  He looks like the angel of death to me.  Hummingbird
 Squinty girl Here's a spoiled girl if I ever saw one!  Stacie's cat Vixen
thinks that Stacie's car shade is her own personal hammock.

 Here we are relaxing in the hot tub at the hotel.

Great trip!!


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