Troops Return!
October 12, 2008

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I was honored to attend the welcome home ceremony for the first 200 of 2,600 returning Thunderbirds - the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.  This group arrived home on Sunday afternoon to a wildly happy group of friends and family.  These soldiers were part of the largest contingent of Oklahoma Guardsmen to deploy since the Korean War. They have not lost a single soldier during the 9 month deployment.  Praise God!
My pictures didn't turn out that great so I copied a few from, which I will credit below.  They got some great shots!

Eric & I went back for the last of the 15 welcome home ceremonies.  It was even larger than the first one but was equally moving.  I ran into my friend and high school classmate Lisa Tuck with her sons at this one.  She got her husband Eric back and was so excited.    

From, the soldiers arriving in the auditorium. A NewsOK shot of the joyous crowd.
 A NewsOK shot of the playing of the National Anthem.  My view of the ceremony.

Let the reunions begin!


 This was a NewsOK shot that I
 found to be particularly touching.

This is a really blurry shot of my
friend Lisa Tuck and her sons 
waiting to be reunited with Eric Tuck. 

 A crowd shot of the final homecoming ceremony on 10/19.



Thank you soldiers for serving so selflessly!


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