Tornado of May 31

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The weathermen were warning all day that Friday of a severe tornado.  After the very recent devastation in nearby Shawnee and Moore, we decided to take them seriously.  Before it came close we were out looking at the sky - it was certainly strange that night.  Then when they said it was headed straight for us, we joined a couple hundred other OKC residents in a nearby underground parking garage.  I can assure you there were at least 80 more people in that garage than would otherwise have fit, if it hadn't been for the leadership of my sweetie and some random drunk guy directing traffic.  

The tornado did something none of us has ever seen before, it took a nearly right-hand turn.  So it veered away from us but sadly toward others.  It did not cause the devastation that the May 19th & 20th storms did, but quite a few lives were lost due to the the immediate storm and the flash floods.  We were very grateful to come out unharmed.  

 The sky doing strange things early that afternoon. My cute hubby
 There were three different cloud things going on here - the high flat ones,
the dark ragged ones, and the tip of a thunderhead just visible above that roof.
 More sky strangeness.

This pilot is either very brave or is a thrill-seeker - it was obvious even to non-weather savvy people like us that bad things were in store very soon!   This was our only injury - Feisty got anxious to get back into the house
 and gave me a bit of her claws as I put her down. I was ready to be home too! 

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