Dragon Kim's Tae Kwon Do Tournament
Saturday, May 5, 2007

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Eric's TKD school held a tournament one Saturday here in Edmond.  Eric assisted, served as a judge, did a demonstration, and fought in the sparring competition.  Here are some scenes from that day.
Eric's flying side kick was a big hit with the crowd.  He jumped over 7 people!   The following is an action sequence taken from our video footage. 

 Take off! Almost there...

 Preparing the kick The landing.  I like the guy looking up like, "Am I safe now?"  


Eric's class during the opening ceremony




 Eric, serving as a judge
 with Master Kim beside him. 
 Eric, hanging with the group he would be sparring against  Eric also gave free chiropractic treatments that day - here he treats Brian
 Now for the sparring!  Eric's opponent was 10 
years younger and about 40 pounds heavier than him.
 There were lots of good kicks, punches and blocks on both sides.  

 The following was really something though - Eric did an axe kick that turned his opponent's helmet around.  The guy ended up looking out the ear hole! 

Eric won the fight - hurray!!

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