Therriault Lakes Trip
June 2017

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One Friday night we decided to take off for Therriault Lakes, about an hour drive up into the mountains near our home.  It was a great evening. 

Spoiler alert: A lightning caused forest fire will hit this area in August and September.  As of September 4th, it has not made it to the lakes but is burning a large portion of what you see us driving through on this trip. 

Views on the way in

  Here I try to capture the "river" of Bear Grass from a moving car.  I love Bear Grass! 
Big Therriault Lake  
  I love how crystal clear the water is in Montana lakes.  It always blows my Okie brain! 

Obsessing over the clear water

   A waterfall near Little Therriault Lake
 Eric, blazing the trail on a walk around Little Therriault Lake  The snow melt trickling down was lovely
   Eric, going out on a limb.  :-) 

Trying to count the rings in this very old stump

  New life coming out of the old
 I look like a prisoner instead of someone posing for a picture!  Log jam at the outlet of the lake

Yes, I'm still all worked up over the clear water

   A waterfall seen on the drive out
 Speaking of obsessing, did I mention how much I love Bear Grass?
 FYI - I read that it isn't actually a grass and bears don't actually eat it.
It only blooms for a short time each spring so you have to capture it while you can.
This year was one of the most prolific Bear Grass years on record. 
 Speaking of bears, there's one around the next bend. My shots were blurry because it was getting dark and we didn't want to scare it.

Now it sees us and headed for the trees

  Around another bend and there was a cow moose, awesome! 
 She didn't want anything to do with us and also headed into the trees.  Great trip!   

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