Thanksgiving 2016
November 23 - 26, 2016

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We celebrated Thanksgiving in Westville with my parents this year.  I didn't take many pictures but trust me, it was a good trip.
 Dad, Brodie, and Eric taking a walk in the woods behind the house. Captain Brodie clearing the trail for us
 Eric winning at the race game again, and using devious methods too! I was trying to get a good picture of Brodie in his cute outfit, but I should 
have had my flash on because I blurred it. Darn, he doesn't hold still often! 

Ordering PePaw around, one of his favorite activities


The Thanksgiving meal, plus pies, of course.

  Setting up for an epic battle

Each time we'd play Scrabble, Brodie wanted to get involved.
Mostly by taking all the letters off our racks that spelled his name!
Still, we always want to encourage a love of Scrabble, since it is
our family's favorite game.  

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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