Thanksgiving in Westville
November 2012

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Eric and I spent a short but sweet Thanksgiving visit with my family this year.  We arrived late Wednesday night and left Saturday mid-morning, but we managed to cram in a lot of fun and fellowship during that time.  (And some Black Friday shopping too, of course!) 
 Nephew Brodie showing off those beautiful blue eyes. Hey Mom, what's so funny?!  
Trying to get a picture worthy of going in the Christmas 
cards.  I think this one has a chance at being it. 
Momma Desirae with her little one.
 The first real smiles of the whole photo 
 shoot came out when it was over!  
Me & Gran after she whipped everyone 
in Scrabble.
 A blurry shot of Mom during our Black Friday
 adventures.  We had a lot of laughs that day.
  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  

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