Thanksgiving in Westville
November 23 - 26, 2011

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We were very happy to be able to include Wei, Jiayi, and Ellie in our Thanksgiving plans this year. My parents were very kind to open their homes to our friends and share our American customs with them.  I think they had a really good time - especially Long Dog, who got LOTs of love and attention!  
 Me & Jiayi out taking some pictures Long is so photogenic!  
 Ellie & Jiayi got creative with their pictures, isn't this a neat shot? Speaking of shot, we were happy no one got shot!  
Just kidding, Wei is only checking out Dad's gun collection.  
The traditional Morton Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the pies on parade. There were also cookies, fudge, and other stuff I couldn't have.
 Here Eric shows off his "round 1"  The inside of Dad's new camper he got for a great price.

 Long Dog - Finally getting close to the amount of attention she wants.

 Keith & Desi, giving me a smile-o Prisser thinks Ellie is being a creeper in this shot! 
 Me & my sweet seester More fun with guns, handguns this time. 
 Desirae, Mom, & Me on the stairs They were supposed to be on a romantic stroll but Keith
thought he would spice things up a bit with some skipping.
 A very pretty shot of the girls - Ellie & Jiayi A nice picture of Keith & Desi - we were trying to
get a picture we could use for their Christmas cards.
Rather than posing, Keith preferred to hide in the bushes and pretend to 
frighten her.  (Except instead of being scared she would laugh.)  
Keith kept us in stitches the whole time we were out there.
I wish I had this on video, my sister has an awesome laugh.
 Boy, Dad must be telling Wei a bad story. I see Dad & Eric have taught Wei how to do the, 'thinking man shuffle.' 
They must be brooding on some deep thoughts. 

Mom & Eric
  Wei's first rock climb - we are at Lake Lincoln in Arkansas
 The girls enjoying the path from the parking lot to the climbing area. Ellie demonstrating feats of strength

 The girls enjoying Lake Lincoln

 Wei celebrates being alive after his first climb - hurray! Jiayi's first experience with a stick bug
 Jiayi's first rock climbing experience She looks a little more exhausted than glad to be alive!
 Now Ellie takes her turn at conquering the rock.  That's the face of relief!  
 Wei & Jiayi, enjoying the day I belayed for Eric on a couple of routes so that he could 
work up an appetite for the next round of gut-stuffin'.  
 Ellie, Jiayi, and Wei on a short hike we took on the other side of the lake. E & Me
 Ellie on the cliff On Black Friday we did the full experience.  I think we left at 4:30 or 5am that morning and shopped until about 3 in the afternoon.  Here we are at our favorite store, Cheap Thrills.  This is Sally, the store dog and best friend of our good buddy John.
It's not a trip to see Mom unless some Origami is done.  
Now the experience is complete!

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