Thanksgiving in Westville
November 25 - 28, 2009

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We had the honor of bringing our International Friends Iris (from China) and Ellie (from Korea) to my parents' with us for Thanksgiving
 Mom's cat, "Ma" was a hit with the girls. The girls with their Thanksgiving treats and the flowers Iris gave to Mom.
 The famous Morton yeast rolls, ready for some rising.

Mom & Dad's place


I gave Ellie a driving lesson in Westville, during which we
happened upon this pig.  He was not a friendly pig.
Here we are on the trail wagon, getting a tour of the place.
These lovely girls are: Ellie, Iris, and my sister Desirae

Brave Iris played Scrabble with Gran & I.  Gran is a Scrabble goddess so it was a great way for Iris to practice her English.  Iris was very impressed with Gran.  As she put it, "Grandma is great!" 

  After the Thanksgiving dinner and naps were complete, we went to Lake
Lincoln in Arkansas.  Here we are about to drive across this water which
was exciting for all of us (it was a little deeper than we expected!) 

Happy adventure girls

 While Eric climbed, we went on a little hike to explore the area.  
   We all took a hike together, then Eric had to climb again.
 It is more an illness than a hobby with him. 

Me & Iris and my hunting hat.
 Ellie, me, Iris, and Lake Lincoln.  


Desirae & Keith's little 
cutie, Prisser Pants 
 It turns out the girls enjoy Origami as much as Mom does,
 they folded together for hours. 
 More Scrabble.  Keith claimed to be bad at it, but he beat these
 two - the family Scrabble champions!

Ahh, how cute.  I think she was wishing she was back in bed!
 This was the girl's first Black Friday experience.  Here
 we are after our first store.  (We do our shopping in 
 Fayetteville, Arkansas.) Ellie is getting the Razorback spirit!
Iris was often shocked and amazed.  Here Mom shows off some
iPhone feature that must have been really impressive. 
On the way home from shopping, we stopped at Battlefield Park
in Farmington, AR.  There had been a huge Civil War battle here.
Ellie, trying out one of the hands-on exhibits. The girls modeling the hats.  Iris made a point of wearing the
hat of "the winners."  
 Now I get in on the hat act. Desi instructed me to wink, even though I've told her that I can't.
After this she said, "You're right, you really can't wink." 

Back at home after shopping, it's craft city USA.  
   Saturday we went to the Cherokee Heritage Center in 
 Tahlequah, OK.  Here Eric points out a starfish fossil in a rock we saw.
 Me & Mom and a strangely shaped rock.
Three of the columns that used to be part of the Cherokee
Female Seminary (school) which burned years ago. 
 Three lovely women with the three columns. Here we get a demonstration of arrow head making.
 The turtle shell rattles worn on the shins by stomp dancing females.  Our tour guide Feather with Iris in front of the old village reconstruction.
 Ellie with Feather Next we visited Desirae & Keith's house.  Here Iris feeds a goat.

The goat dog, Scruffy, posing for a picture in the afternoon sun.
   Iris loved the horses after she got used to them. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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