Thanksgiving 2008
November 27 - 29, 2008

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We had a great time in Westville over Thanksgiving.  We were able to bring our friend Steve Fekete with us.  Steve & Eric enjoyed a climbing trip in Arkansas right after Thanksgiving while I stayed home to visit with my family.  A great time was had by all. 
 Desirae, Gran, Steve, and Eric - tearing up some Thanksgiving dinner Me & Momma Kitty enjoying the warm day
 Now she is 'helping' Eric with his nap in the front yard
Next we made Gran play the Wii - I'm not so sure 
she liked it!
 Me & Gran Mom, really getting into the hula hoop in the Wii
 Steve, trying to tell a story while being snuggled Desirae & Mom at the after-Thanksgiving sales
A happy surprise - we ran into our friends Nancy, team James, 
and their friend at Sam's.
An unhappy surprise - we got stuck behind a house being moved by amateurs.  They wedged that thing on the bridge - it was stuck!  
I ran 5 miles with Mom, then she ran 5 more with her new friend, this goofy dog.  Then she had to run an extra mile to coax him back home.    This is Desi & Keith's goat dog, Scruffy

The goats enjoying the house Keith built for them.

 A unicorn!  
Prissy was kicking this rabbit's butt
until we turned it on and it started 
moving around on its own.  

It's all fun & games until the rabbit
wiggles it's nose at you!


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