Thanksgiving 2007
November 21 - 25, 2007

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We spent Thanksgiving in Westville this year with my family.  We saw our extended family and had a great time catching up with everyone.  We also got to spend some quality time with my immediate family, which we really enjoyed.  It was a nice time. 
 The men gather around the football in the living room. The ladies (and an enlightened young man) gather in the kitchen to tell stories.
Gran with me sneaking up behind her  Deana's men: Forrest, Storm, and Victor
 Katie & Me Me & Aunt Glenda - I was getting into all the pictures!
 Keith & Desi looking at the Lowe's circular - 
 I wonder which of them is more excited about it?
The scene at Target on the morning of "Black Friday"
We saw the line and left the store.  
 Desi, Mom, our friend Jon Ray, and me at our favorite store - Cheap Thrills  On Saturday, we went to see Keith's beautiful house he built in Gum Springs.
 One of Keith's Dad's horses, Tiger. Eric, trying to coax the barn cats out of the rafters.
 Here are two of them now.    Keith, bonding with another of the horses.
 Desirae, getting her coat eaten by the friendly horse.   Mom's good friend Mary came over for a visit.
 Here are two of Mom's favorite girls in one shot!
 Dad, dodging the camera Me with Dad & Mom

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